Hey! It’s been a while. 

I took a lil breather to get my ideas together, plus I have been focusing my time on my military affairs. Being part of both worlds is fun, but exhausting. Being nonbinary and part of both worlds is even more so. I am only glad that I’m pushing forward because of my branch of service, the Marine Corps. I’m clinging to my military identity more than ever right now. 

A couple things I want to talk about are the emergence of the “commonplace” style of notebook, in three brands of stationery; gender identity in the Marine Corps; and censorship. I have been wanting to crack the YouTube egg since Leafy was ranting about Onision for twenty minutes straight, but it never happened until now. I am not an apologist for Onion boy, but a viewer who listens to and understands his side of things. Is he always right? Hell no. But he has been getting screwed over, particularly by the YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn for a period between the fall of winter of the past year. It didn’t get any better when they had their tragically named open forum, called a “debate”. It wasn’t a debate and they shouldn’t have tried debating when it was two opinions that were not about to reconcile. 

Anyway, the YouTube egg is cracking and I’m pretty hungry, so I’ll be seeing you next week!