LGBT Discourse: the Cis and the Trans

I’m one of those nonbinary people that feels inferior to cisgendered people. I’m not as convenient to date. I’m a walking political billboard on gender studies, plus you have to subscribe to the premise of gender being a spectrum to even understand how I can identify the way I do.

I came across the antithesis of my statement this past summer or so when my friend’s partner David was hanging with us playing Pokemon Go. I told him honestly: I, as transmasculine, feel like a potential partner should or will always choose him over me, because he’s “the real thing”. 

His response made me respect and identity with him in a way I never thought I would.

He said he honestly felt inferior to me. I’m female bodied, so I can better empathize with a cis woman, as well as provide for her needs as being female. 

That shocked me. Here I am, hating myself for not being a man, while a man hates himself for being one.

I appreciate Onision’s opinion that women are truly better, more or less, and his statement seems to ring true of the insecurities of some cis people. 

In my opinion, cis people win out because they have the preference of the powers that be, but it would seem that a person will choose who they really want, unless they have issues that neither myself or David can solve.

Just a thought.