Sharpeners Make A Difference

The last Ticonderoga Black I used was so painful for my thumb that I gave it up. This year, I gave it one more try with my Bostitch crank sharpener. This is what a point should look like, after use, now that my hand has not been cramping. This is a proper point.  


Introduction (and one Subscription to the Andy Show Later…)

I’m not sure where to start, really. I’m a random dude with a bachelor’s degree, a part-time job that has most recently cut my hours back, and a lot of time on my hands. I work from my office space in rural mid-Michigan, which seems to be a region trying to identify itself in much the same way as I. I love my country roots, my stationery habits and my ability to fire off quips and my attempts at calling the world around me like I see it.

The catalyst to my greatest projects tends to be heartbreak, and this version of myself is no different. I’m still processing who I’ve become over the past year. I sit here feeling stuck in both my job and my personal endeavors. At the very least, the blog version of Onision has been born.

My driving force has been my military service since I enlisted in August of 2016. I am a very proud service member, but don’t let that sway you from the knowledge that I am a big, queer, pumpkin spice latte-thumping, beanie/flannel-wearing, hippie dippie liberal bohemian. Actually, one of my reasons for joining was to show that we are also proud to serve, and will fight physically for the rights we deserve in this country. I can back up my views with the fact that, yes, I have been there and done the same things that a conservative individual may try to discredit me with not having done. I’m a pretty zen person, which is interesting given my service branch is stereotyped as a bunch of angry, angry people. Maybe it’s because other people annoy us. Who knows?

This blog is going to be about everything and anything but staying in the realm of product reviews, reactions to things and topics about stationery. Like it says, it’s a culture comment. Let’s get this train wreck a-rollin’!

My current pencil rotation is starting with the Russian Krasin Konstruktor, gifted to me by my good buddy Maxim from Russia (if you call him a hacker I will either laugh or frown at you, I’m not sure which yet). These pencils can’t be found in the States and seem to be nonexistent in Western European spots as well. I think we have been robbed of an international treasure by not letting Russian stationery be a part of our market. The grades are like H and B, but T and M, respectively. Frankly, the T grade is a solid 2B in Faber-Castell pencil numbers. It’s fascinating. Plus, the pencil is gorgeous and is suggested to have been created by Siberian Pine1. It is easily one of my favorites, in an age where stationers vie for our collective attention as pencil nerds.

I just brewed up some Starbucks Veranda Blend, even though it is seven at night, just because I can. I should probably get creamer tomorrow. And take the dog on her walk once I’m done here. Meh. I’m also rooting for the Falcons to knock Seattle down a peg or three after they beat the Lions so badly. By the score, it appears that they have!

Next time I want to write a review on the one and only Mountain Dew White Label because I have the drop on a lot of folks and I want to be the first to post about it. Let’s just say that Black Label did not disappoint and neither did White Label, and they are mutually unique.

I am hoping this gives you a greater idea on what this page is going to entail. I’m going to enjoy this project, I think.