White Label: A Review

Here it is, finally: a review of Mountain Dew White Label. This comes as the companion to my personal fave, Mountain Dew Black Label. It’s advertised as being “crafted” (whatever that means) for a soft beverage. Frankly, I’m already impressed that they took more time on this line rather than having the same variants of corn syrup, not that there’s an issue with said corn syrup beverages. 

The can is white and bears a matte finish as well as the same design as Black Label, but in silver on white. I like the cohesive design.

White Label is billed as “mysteriously exotic” as opposed to “deeper” and “darker”. I wouldn’t have opted for that tagline, but I’m not working for the Mountain Dew people. Also, I got my fix at my alma mater. You won’t be seeing this on shelves til the second quarter of this year, or thereabouts. 

For the taste of the stuff, it is exactly what it says it is: tropical citrus. The top is pineapple with a grapefruit finish. Like Black Label, White feels heavier in the mouth than something like Sprite but is leaner than normal Mountain Dew products. 

The coloring is white, like salt water solution. 

I think this is a very good addition to Mountain Dew’s product line, and is an appropriate follow-up to Black Label. If you want to purchase some, though, that may be a whole different task. It is worth the trip. 


Author: benweaverhihello


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